Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Beginning


Hello everyone!!
First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude towards Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious because gives me chance and time to write for my own blog.

This blog actually is dedicated especially to my beloved family and my sincere friends and not forgetten to my new coming pen pal. I want to use this blog to make new friends and create connections to everyone. I am very glad if we can get along together to share ideas and information about everything in a good way.
I hope we can enjoy together and you all can get something from here.. enjoy!!

~mohammad akmal bin hasan~

Okey, my real name is Mohammad Akmal Bin Hasan. Means "Sempurna:Complete".I am from Kluang Johor. But, I was born in Pontian. Still a Johorian..hehe.. What makes me proud is I am Javanish..unfortunatelay, I can't speak well because I'm not trained myself since I was young. ;(

I have a very nice and happy family with both my lovely parents; Hasan Bin Saleh and Nor'Aini Bte Ismail and nice siblings. Sometimes, people does not like by having a large family, but for me, I am really love that. I have 6 siblings; 2 brothers 4 sisters. I am the third out of six. I love my family very much!! MUUUUAAHH!!.. hehehe..

my mum and dad

I lived in a fantastic and harmonious place named Felda Ulu Belitong, Kluang Johor. My family stayed here since about 20 years ago. There are many unforgettable memories here with my friends and family. Life as a "budak kampung" here makes me know who I am today..serious!! Love here so much!!

my eldest sister and her husband

me,halimah (2nd), rashidah (6th), zakiah (4th), ashraf (5th)

These are all my beloved family.. Hope we'll be happy and get bless from Allah for our life..